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Cori the Supercat rides again!

Cori the Supercat has been on a mission

Cori the Supercat is a cat with lots of kitten friends. He supports and helps children with GSD3. Just this week he delivered one of his kitten toy friends to each and every child in the UK who has GSD3 (Cori disease).

The children also received the first issue of Cori’s Superhero story comic and a Cori the cat sew-on badge.

Send us a photo

Above is Nora Wilson with her new kitten friend.

Mums and dads please send us a photo of your child with their kitten. (Please email it to Jane Lewthwaite. We won’t use it without obtaining your permission.)

Did you get your kitten?

If not, and you are under 18, have GSD3, and live in the UK or Ireland please register with AGSD-UK via this website (it is free), or phone or email us, and we will ensure Cori sends you a treat.

Thanks to the CATS

The CATS (Cori Action Team Support) fundraised to help Cori send the kittens, badges and comic. Thanks especially to Sylvia Wilson, GSD3 coordinator, and to Nikki Christie who is a CATS member and the designer of Cori.