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Our policies

The trustees endeavour to maintain clear, appropriate and coherent policies and procedures to help ensure that AGSD-UK is well run.

Policies and procedures:

  • Ensure compliance with the law and regulations.
  • Provide appropriate controls including a framework for delegation by the board of trustees to staff or volunteers that set out how things should be done and what is expected of people.
  • Enable transparency and accountability, showing that the board of trustees are conducting the work of AGSD-UK appropriately.
  • Limit risk to our community, volunteers, staff and the association.
The following policies and procedures are set out in our AGSD-UK Policy Manual. You can download a copy of the Policy Manual as a PDF.
  • ICT Use
  • Information Governance
  • Lone Working
  • Recruitment
  • Supervision & Support Guidelines for Managers
  • Managing Volunteer Performance
  • Statement of Terms & Conditions of Employment
  • Induction for Paid Staff
  • Time Off in Lieu
  • Disciplinary
  • Grievance
  • Whistle Blowing
  • Handling Complaints
  • Safeguarding Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults
  • Finance 
  • Risk Assessment Grid
  • Dignity at Work
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Conflict of Interest
  • Declaration of Interests Form
  • Ethics
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Privacy Notice Policy

Download a PDF of AGSD-UK’s Policy Manual.