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Our membership across all GSDs

AGSD-UK is a membership based association. Full Membership is open to those affected by any of the GSDs and their family members. We also offer Registration (free), Associate Membership and Corporate Membership.


Please join us

We actively encourage all those affected by, and interested in, GSD to become members of AGSD-UK. We are founded upon the belief that we must hold together as one GSD community encompassing all conditions. The charity works across the board for all GSDs.

Strength in numbers

Growing our membership base will help to raise awareness about one of the UK’s ultra rare diseases. Having a louder voice will facilitate the GSD community being able to ensure that they get access to the right kind of support they need to learn about and live with their condition.

Lend your voice

We press the NHS to continue to appropriately fund the treatment of rare diseases and ensure that research into emerging treatments is supported and encouraged. Please help us to ensure that your important voice is heard by becoming a member of AGSD-UK.

Benefits of membership

Read all about the benefits of registration and the different types of membership.

Details and application forms for registration and membership.