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Other Glycogen Storage Diseases

Are you affected by one of the very rare GSDs? Our mission is to support those affected by ANY glycogen storage disease, even the most rare ones, so please get in touch.

The more recently discovered GSDs have very few diagnosed cases, but we expect diagnosis rates to accelerate as awareness is raised and genetic testing is more widley available. For example, GSD13 currently has just three people diagnosed in the UK. For most of the others there may well be no known cases in the UK. Whilst we don’t yet have very much information on these GSDs, we want to hear from you if you have such a diagnosis.

To the best of our understanding the list is currently as follows, we have provided each with a link to some more information.


GSD14: what was called GSD14, involving mutations in the PGM1 gene, has been reclassified as the congenital disorder of glycosylation, CDG1T.

Fanconi-Bickel disease (hepatorenal glycogenosis with renal Fanconi syndrome); used to referred to as GSD11 but that is no longer the case.

More information to come

As we get to understand more about these conditions, and as we become aware of people dignosed in the UK, we will endeavour to add pages to the web site to provide information.

Please contact us

If you are diagnosed with or interested in one of these GSDs, or any new ones that come along, we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please use the “Message us” form.