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Next conference – 5/6 October 2019, Daresbury Park, Cheshire


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Rare Disease Day

Show your rare. Show  you care. 28 February.

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What do you need from AGSD-UK?

I or a family member are diagnosed and need information

I or a family member need some help and support

I would like to get involved with supporting AGSD-UK

I need sources of medical guidance for someone with GSD

I need information on governance, policies, reporting and finance

What and who are AGSD-UK?

  • We are the national support group for those affected by Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD) and their families.
  • We are a membership based association with an elected board of trustees.
  • We are a company limited by guarantee and a registered charity.
  • We are collaborators with other UK based rare disease groups.
  • We are members of international bodies such as the International Pompe Association (IPA) and the International Association for Muscle Glycogen Storage Disease (IamGSD).

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