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Governance topics

Helping you find the information you need… these links will take you to the governance, policies, finance and reporting pages of our web site and external sources for the information you need.

An overview of most governance topics can be found on the “About us” menu.

What is the association’s legal structure?

Founded in 1986, the association converted to a company limited by guarantee in 2009. It operates under the Companies Acts 1985 & 2006 and is regulated by a Memorandum and Articles of Association. 

The full details and links are on the page “Our governance”.

How is the charity managed?

AGSD-UK is a registered charity in England and Wales, registration number 1132271, and is managed by a volunteer board of trustees elected at the Annual General Meetings. The trustee board sets strategic direction and policy and reviews performance at trustee board meetings. A number of trustee sub committees also operate to focus on specific topics such as fundraising.

On a day-to-day basis the charity is operated by the permanent members of staff, who are supported by a group of volunteer GSD co-ordinators.

Our entry in the register of charities can be accessed here.

What policies does the charity have in place?

In order that we both meet and operate under all current regulatory and legal requirements, and also to ensure that we protect individuals, we have a comprehensive set of policies in place to govern how we operate.

Read about our policies, see the list and request copies.

What reports are produced and are available?

The charity produces and makes available a number of reports that provide useful, informative and statutory information relating to the charity’s activities. These include: an annual report for the AGM; and the annual financial accounts which are filed with Companies House and the Charity Commission.

In addition the charity produces and distributes Glisten, a regular magazine for members.

Accounts at Charity Commission

Annual report Management transparency Glisten magazine

How are funds raised, spent and reported?

The primary source of public information regarding raising of funds, and how they are spent, is contained within the annual Trustees Report and Financial Statements filed with Companies House and the Charity Commission.

In addition the members are provided with a summarised version in the annual report. See button links immediately above.

You can also read our Impartiality Statement.

Who are the funders and sponsors?

Each year we seek to raise funds for specific projects to help deliver our work. As well as members and supporters undertaking sponsored challenges, we actively welcome contributions from major donors and foundations who are able to support specific projects. We also welcome businesses who wish to support us through our corporate membership scheme.

Read about our funders and sponsors.

Details of corporate membership.