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Our Vision and Mission

We provide support and help for individuals and families affected by an ultra-rare condition – Glycogen Storage Disease (GSD). It primarily affects the liver and/or the muscles including the heart.

There are currently about 16 known GSD’s; most have sub variants and some have very small numbers of people affected. Incidence, numbers diagnosed and age of diagnosis vary enormously.

We provide both practical and emotional support across all GSD’s and their variants. AGSD-UK would like to see all people affected with GSD’s given the opportunity to lead full and productive lives.

See “What we do” and the “How we help” top menu for more details of what we do.

Vision statement

To become the primary and central focus for information and support, driving positive change for all people affected by Glycogen Storage Disease.

Mission statement

Supporting people affected by Glycogen Storage Disease to live positively with their condition.