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Medical and legal disclaimer

The information provided by AGSD-UK on this web site is only of a general nature. No part of the information may be used as a substitute for obtaining personalised medical advice.

All texts, illustrations, photographs and other materials on this web site are published by the Association for Glycogen Storage Disease (UK) Limited solely to provide a free information service to the public and those affected by Glycogen Storage Disease.

Information on this web site is subject to change without notice. Whilst every reasonable effort is made to ensure that the information on the website is correct, complete and up-to-date, this cannot be guaranteed and AGSD-UK shall not be liable for any damages incurred as a result of its use.

No rights or obligations, whether contractual, in tort or other, shall arise as a result of use of the information contained on this site. The AGSD-UK, its trustees, officers, employees, agents and other persons connected with the creation and updating of this information will not be liable for any damage or loss, direct or indirect, occasioned by the use of the information.