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Maps of people with GSDs

Peer support is hugely important in rare diseases like GSD. We maintain maps to help people make contact with others with the same GSD.

Access the map for your GSD

Click on one of the map thumbnails below to open a new tab with the current, full-screen, interactive map for that GSD. Then follow the notes beside the map.

Facilitating contacts

In addition to facilitating contact, the maps give an overall impression of the numbers of people affected and their distribution across the country. Individual GSDs vary in UK patient numbers from 0 to over 350. All these GSDs are supported by AGSD-UK.

Your contact details

To have your name and contact details included on a pin, please contact the coordinator for your GSD, or the AGSD-UK office.

Hepatic/ketotic GSDs
0, 3, 6 & 9


Von Gierke disease

Pompe disease


McArdle disease


Other muscle GSDs
4 & 7