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Personal Stories

Nikki showing off!

Hi, my name is Nikki Christie. I am 51 years young! I was diagnosed with Cori Disease at 6 months old. As you can imagine there was even less medical knowledge about this rare disease then than there is now. Luckily with my mum’s love, patience, and perseverance I was able to accomplish what most children do, admittedly maybe a little slower!

Three children and a fulfilling life

During my early thirties, with very careful monitoring, over a period of seven years, I had my three beautiful children. Pregnancy was hard, but it can be done! I continued to fulfil my life, my children kept me busy, I worked full time, I enjoyed spending time with friends and family, eating well, and keeping fit.

In my late forties I started experiencing muscle weakness, daily tasks became harder, and walking even more so. This has had a huge impact on the family dynamics, but everyone pulls together to keep things ticking over, picking up the tasks I find more difficult these days. We support each other.

Support from occupational therapy

With the help from a very supportive Occupational Therapist we have had several aids and gadgets installed in the house to ensure that, as much as possible, I am able to keep my independence. This, I think, is key. Accept whatever help you can get, it’s you that will get worn down with struggling. If there is something out there that will make things easier for you, grab it with both hands.

I think the hardest transition for me was using my wheelchair, but my passion to live life to the full helped me conquer my apprehension.

Still working full time

By taking all the help I can get, I still work full time as a Primary School Teaching Assistant (the children love my wheelchair). I still go out with my family, I still spend time with my friends, I can still follow my hobbies and interests. It just takes more time and careful planning. Anything is possible!