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LSD Collaborative Community Survey 2022.

Clinical and Social Care Services

Please take the chance to respond to an important survey to improve understanding about the quality of care you experience from your specialist hospital clinic, homecare, and other social care services.

The survey is designed by the LSD Collaborative; a group of 11 charities supporting lysosomal disorders. It is fully anonymised, so your identity will not be known by anyone receiving your response.

The previous LSD Collaborative Community Survey in 2020 had an excellent response, and the LSD collaborative were able to use the anonymised data to argue for improvements to the NHS care services enjoyed by our small community.

Please support your rare disease community by completing the survey using the web-link provided; it should take less than 20 minutes to complete.

If you need help completing the survey please contact your LSD Collaborative member organisation: AGSD-UK.

Thank you on behalf of the LSD Collaborative and the LSD Community.

Link to survey