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CATS first birthday get together

Saturday 30th March saw the CATS team (Cori Action Team Support) of Ailsa, Nikki, Andrea, Gary, Sylvia and Lauren, meet up to review their successful first year and celebrate with other GSD3 families.

Eight families met

Eight families affected by GSD3 (Cori disease) gathered in the village hall in Curdworth, near Birmingham, for the afternoon. They enjoyed a rare opportunity to talk and share tips fueled by a tasty, GSD-friendly, sugar-free buffet lunch.

Succesful first year

Their first year brought CATS a string of successes. These included:

  • Produced the “Top Tips for GSD3” booklet which was posted free to everyone with GSD3 known to AGSD-UK.
  • Held a welcome reception meeting at the AGSD-UK conference in October.
  • Created a mascot called Cori the CAT.
  • Fundraised to send a Cori toy kitten and comic story to all UK children with GSD3.
  • Reviewed and updated the membership list for GSD3.
Another get-together is planned for March 2020.

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Cori the Cat was in attendance at the get-together and enjoyed the day too.

Encouragement to register with AGSD-UK

Following the membership work done in 2018, CATS plan an outreach programme for all hospitals in an effort to contact more people.

It is important that everyone with GSD registers with AGSD-UK so that we can keep in touch, send newsletters and alerts for meetings and conferences, as well as gathering information and giving updates on treatments and trials.

If you are not yet registered (free) or a member, please go to our register/join page.