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Camps available: Children’s Liver Disease Foundation

Last September AGSD-UK was able to offer a camping experience for families of children affected by GSD.

One Mum recently spoke of the experience

“The camp was life changing for my two children who have GSD6, their whole attitude has changed. Now they understand better why they have to follow dietary guidance. For the first time they met and made friends with other children with GSD.”

Children’s camps for 2019

This year we have been unable to secure funding for or own GSD camp, however families with children affected by hepatic GSDs can still access camps through the “Children’s Liver Disease Foundation”. Here is the outline of their events for 2019.

  • Wales Family Weekend: 29 – 30 June, Brecon Beacons
  • Wild Camp: 20 – 21 July, Oxfordshire
  • CLDF Weekender (ages 16 – 24): 9 – 11 August, University of Derby
  • Northern Ireland Family Weekend: 5 – 6 October, Belfast
  • Family Day: 14 December, West Midlands

For more details of these events visit the CLDF web site, phone them on 0121 212 3839 or email

Visit the Children’s Liver Disease Foundation web site.


Other opportunities

In addition, “Over The Wall”, who provided our GSD camp last year, also offer individual places on their camps. Check their web site for details and dates.

Visit the Over The Wall web site.