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Winter Season 2022

Hello to all our AGSD-UK Supporters

Today a new video has gone live on our YouTube GSDScreen which features the new CEO of the charity, Val Buxton. As well as Val introducing herself to you all, she tells us about the next exciting thing coming up for the charity, which is our Winter Season 2022. We had our first Winter Season at the beginning of 2021 which was in place of our face-to-face conference. Due to its great success, we will be holding the season again over the month of January 2022. We again will be releasing videos on every Monday of January which will include presentations from Medical Professionals and Patient Stories. They will cover topics for Pompe, McArdle’s and Hepatic GSDs. This year we will also be uploading ‘Videos for all’ which will cover more general topics that you will hopefully find interesting and informative. Please follow the link below which will take you to Val’s announcement video on our YouTube channel: Val’s announcement videoAs well as the presentations, we will also be running events throughout January. Please add the events that would interest you to your diary:Every Sunday in January 11am – McArdle Zoom Get-TogethersPlease see the link below for more information on the McArdle’s theme from the coordinator Andrew Wakelin. Zoom links to these events have been emailed to all McArdle people in the UK. If you missed that, please contact Andrew on  McArdle’s Zoom Get-TogethersSaturday 8th January at 10am– Adults Quiz open to anyone affected by GSD with Gemma Seyfang (Aged 16 and over)Saturday 15th January 10am- Children’s Quiz open to anyone affected by GSD with Gemma Seyfang (Children 8 and over)Sunday 16th January 2pm– Pompe Sunday SocialHere is a video of Gemma to tell you more information about the quizzes and the Pompe Coffee Morning!

Gemma’s quizzes and Pompe Coffee MorningSunday 23rd January 2pm- Pompe Live Event with Jacose Bell from Spark. She will be presenting on the investigational gene therapy approaches for LOPD with an opportunity for a Q&APlease email for the zoom link to any of the above events (Quizzes, Pompe Sunday social and the Pompe Live Event)Sunday 30th January 9.30am- AGSD-UK AGM Please note: Only paid members are able to vote in the AGSD-UK AGM. If you would like to join and get involved or are already a member and would like the link to attend the AGM, please email hope that you enjoy the weekly presentations, and we would love to see you at the events!! Please get in touch if you have any questions.We would also like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay safe and we will see you in 2022.