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Research Study – Exercise and Pompe Disease.

A research study exploring exercise and Pompe disease

Nicky Condon is a Master’s Student studying Clinical Health Research at the University of Birmingham and also a Physiotherapist working at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham. For her thesis she will be conducting a research study exploring physical activity and exercise for people living with Pompe disease.

About the study

The purpose of the research study is to explore the perspectives and experiences of people with Pompe Disease when engaging in physical activity and exercise. To do this she is interviewing people with Pompe disease who are happy to talk about their experiences with exercise before and after their diagnosis and any challenges encountered when incorporating physical activity and/or exercise into their lives.

What does the study involve?

The study will involve an interview, which will likely take no longer than an hour. It can be completed over the phone or on-line Zoom video call, whichever is easiest for you.

Who can take part?

UK residents aged 18 years or over, diagnosed with Pompe Disease.


Want to find out more?

More information can be found in the recruitment flyer:

 Research Study Advertisement Exercise-And-Pompe-Disease-2022


Link to the recruitment survey:

 Consent to participate and Participant Information Leaflet


If you are want any further information about this study, please contact Nicola Condon via email