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Success for our Benefits Advisor.

Benefits support

Our recently appointed Benefits Advisor, Zainib Hussain, has been helping the community apply for and appeal benefits of all kinds. 

One AGSD-UK member had these kind words:

I’m please to inform that the DLA has been paid today and I’m really grateful to God for bringing you into our lives. You have been so supportive and helpful right from the start till now. You keep checking on us to see if we’re doing well and also if the DLA has been approved. You are such an ASSET to your organisation.”

Another had this fabulous feedback:

“I am shaking because I’ve just received the news I’ve been awaiting to hear for over a year!!! But I never imagined it would come true, it is thanks to Zainib who made this dream a reality!!

She helped from a takeover from a pip application which got denied initially and at mandatory reconsideration, it wasn’t until Zainib came to the scene and helped me fill out forms and get letters from my specialist, constantly checking in on me and making sure financially, emotionally and physically I was well, ensuring my well-being is good, and if it wasn’t she made sure to go to extra lengths so I was fine!! This phone call means I get to be able to experience somewhat a normal life.


I would like to say a massive thanks to the full AGSD team for all their efforts but a humongous thank you to Zainib for keeping me sane throughout this!!”

Do you need assistance?

Zainib will help you through the process and offer as much support as needed. Please do get in touch if you need her help.

All of the benefits help work can be done remotely by phone and email. Please make initial contact via our email