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Pilot of new website reaches over 2,000 people

Over 2,000 unique vistors since start of pilot

Since the start of the pilot for the website, it has been visited by over 2,000 unique users, with over 3,200 visits in total. There has been very positive feedback and any reported issues have been dealt with. So far an average of approximately 85 people are using the website every day.

30% of users on smartphones

Around 55% of access is from computers, 35% from smartphones and 10% from tablets. We have been very conscious of making the site work effectively on all three platforms. Almost 70% of users are in the UK, which is as expected, 11% are in the USA and the rest are well spread all around the world.

Now announcing to the public

We announced the pilot to members on 10 January and after their feedback we are now ready to announce the new site to the world at large. So today we are circulating a “News Release” to approximately 200 medical professionals, the pharmaceutical industry, the media, our funders, supporters and partner charities. 

Download a PDF of the News Release.

More to come

There is still plenty to do, including launching “The Glycogen Store” selling all our publications, etc. We particularly want to extend the information we have available on the most rare GSDs, and we have a wish list of new features. And don’t forget we are adding a GSD News item every week and sometimes more frequently. 

You can contribute

If you would like to contribute, please visit our page for contributors. There we give the specification for submissions to areas such as “News” and “Personal Stories”. But if you have a great idea on anything relevant to the web site, please get in touch using the “Message us” form.

We are seeking someone to manage the website for the long term, details are now being worked out. So if that is something that interests you, please get in touch.