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More personal stories wanted

Have you read any of the personal stories that we have from people with different GSDs? The stories are in a scrolling list on our home page, and on each GSD’s introductory page.

Great help to the newly diagnosed

These stories are of particular help to those who are newly diagnosed, as the stories tend to validate their own experience and give a feeling for what the future may hold for them. It is an encouragement to have positive and inspiring stories.

We need personal stories from all GSDs

We would like to have many more personal stories, from all GSDs. Whilst we have managed to get half a dozen or more stories from the GSDs which have hundreds of diagnosed people, we have struggled with the GSDs that have fewer diagnosed cases. The majority of GSDs so far have just two or less personal stories, and for GSD0 and GSD4 we have no stories at all.

It would be excellent if we could have stories from a representative cross-section of our community, covering GSD, age, gender and ethnicity.

We’d like to hear from you

If you feel that you have an interesting or unusual story, or simply a typical story, we would really like to hear from you. There are notes about what is required on the contributors page. But if you don’t feel confident about writing it don’t worry, just get in touch and we can help you write your story. We need a “head and shoulders” photo of you and ideally would like a larger photo of you in some setting or activity.

Visit the personal stories on our home page.

See the contributors’ notes on preparing your personal story.

Contact us via the “message us” form.