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NextGen project for young people at Metabolic Support

Metabolic Support UK launches their NextGen project for teenagers and young people

Metabolic Support UK recognise something that we at ASGD-UK are very aware of – the needs of teenagers and young people coping with their health condition.

The charity includes all Glycogen Storage Diseases because they are all also metabolic conditions, so here at AGSD-UK we work alongside them whenever we can. Of course, the charity also covers other metabolic conditions unrelated to GSD. They offer advice and support, events and information.

Sally Hatton, NextGen Project Officer, writes:

“We found that despite the fact we cover such a diverse range of metabolic disorders, there are some experiences and challenges which many young people with a rare condition share. There is a clear need for these to be better recognised and supported.

So, we started NextGen because we want to equip young people to be able to deal with these unique challenges, through resources which are tailored to their needs and created with their input. We also felt it was important to provide a community where young people can discuss these issues in their own voice, as well as just get to know other people in the same situation.

We’re now on Instagram and have a private Facebook group which is only for members and fully moderated by us – both are under the name ‘Metabolic NextGen’ – and we’re launching our mailing list soon. Anyone who would like more information (including parents), is also very welcome to contact me directly.”

Visit the Metabolic Support UK web site.