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International GSD conference in Brazil next month.

International conference in Brazil

Porto Alegre in Brazil is the venue for the 5th International Glycogen Storage Disease conference (IGSD2019). It is to be held from 14 to 16 November 2019. The aim of IGSD2019 is:

“to connect GSD experts and patients, to share ideas, to stimulate international collaboration and to improve the future perspectives of GSD management for all patients and families”.

Detailed programme now available

The conference website now has detailed information on the programme. There is extensive coverage of the hepatic GSDs and Pompe disease (GSD2), but very little on the other muscle GSDs.

Visit the IGSD2019 web site.

Jointly hosted by professionals and patients

The IGSD2019 conference is jointly hosted by:

  • The Medical Genetics Service – Metabolic Unit of the University Hospital of Porto Alegre (Hospital de Clinicas de Porto Alegre – HCPA).
  • The Brazilian Glycogen Storage Disease Association – ABGLICO, a non-profit organisation that aims to broaden national knowledge on this group of rare and little known diseases.

Watch their video welcoming you to Brazil and the conference.