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Move for USA-based GSD expert Dr. David Weinstein.

Move planned to pursue gene therapy at Passage Bio

Dr. David Weinstein, long-time champion of improved diagnosis and treatment for people with hepatic GSDs is due to move from Connecticut Children’s GSD Program and University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

We have welcomed Dr. Weinstein to AGSD-UK conferences on numerous occasions, when he was invariably an informative speaker and caring advisor. Many members benefitted from his experience and interest in GSD. His team at the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (CCMC) also reached out to patients around the world. He leaves his current role at the end of July 2020.

CCMC statement of May 11th

Dr. David Weinstein, director of Connecticut Children’s Glycogen Storage Disease Program has decided to take on an exciting new role at Passage Bio gene therapy in Philadelphia. He will pursue work on innovative gene therapy for other storage diseases.


Dr. Weinstein and his team joined Connecticut Children’s and UConn School of Medicine 3 years ago, and in that time has helped build an internationally recognized Glycogen Storage Disease Program. Under his leadership, we have cared for more than 650 children and adults with GSD from 49 states and 51 different countries around the world. We also launched the world’s first gene therapy trial for GSD, showing promising early results in our search for a cure. 


We’ll continue to build on this legacy and be a source of hope, innovation and care for the GSD community.

Read the full statement from Connecticut Children’s.

AGSD-UK sends our best wishes to Dr. Weinstein for his new appointment.

Visit the Passage Bio web site.