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Christmas lights – a special gift for AGSD-UK.


Festive lights every year

Frank and Irene Green from Hale in Altrincham have family affected by GSD. For years they have decorated the front of their home with festive lights every Christmas, adding more and more each year over time. 

Donations suggested

Friends and neighbours suggested they accept donations and raise money for charity, and ASGD-UK is the happy beneficiary.

Frank said:

Someone put a card through our door saying they appreciated the lights, that they bucked up their spirits, and enclosing £10.


People travel from a long way off and my wife pops out to offer a chocolate to anyone who stops to give.


Another card and donation was sent from a bereaved neighbour who wrote, “You provide the sparkle that is helping us to get through”.

To date they have raised £150 for AGSD-UK.

So thank you to Frank and Irene. Merry Christmas!

This 20 second video gives the full impression!