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AGSD-UK’s Andrew Wakelin featured in National Trust magazine.

National Trust article

AGSD-UK’s Type5 coordinator Andrew Wakelin has an article ‘My Membership & Me’ in this summer’s edition of the National Trust magazine. The magazine has been sent out to 5.6 million National Trust members.

In the article Andrew talks about his lifetime love of walking and the ‘Walking with McArdle’s’ courses. Andrew has been organising and leading the walking courses for over 10 years and they have helped many people.

Helping people around the world

Lorraine Baguley from Australia commented:

“I was in a low place after being diagnosed 4 years earlier. Seeing some of the early literature, I couldn’t see anything positive for me in my future.
Reading Andrew’s blog posts from Walk Over Wales 2010 was the incentive I needed. I remember that next year driving through the mountains I was very nervous and almost ready to go home.
But when I finally went home after the course it was with a completely new understanding of myself. With your help and that of my fellow walkers I discovered that I could tackle my oncoming older years with renewed vigour.
I will never forget my time with all of you in Wales, and most of all being with people that understood my life’s struggles exactly.” 


The full article can be downloaded here:

 National Trust – My membership and me


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