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Scheme helps rail passengers with hidden disabilities.

JAM card to be trialled

The train operator Southeastern is to trial a new scheme termed “JAM”. It stands for “just a minute”. The card is intended to be of assistance to passengers with hidden disabilities by having a card to show train staff in order to alert them to a need for some assistance. This is mainly for passengers who have difficulty with communication, such as autism and learning difficulties.

Sunflower lanyard for hidden physical disabilities.

Lanyard might be for GSDs

A secondary part of the scheme is to have a bright green sunflower lanyard which will indicate that the passenger has a more physical hidden disability. This could be the case with many of the GSDs.

The trial is to be conducted in 2020 on the Tonbridge to Hastings route. If the scheme is a success it is planned to roll it out across the Southeastern network.

The blue badge for use on London Transport.

Transport for London scheme

Transport for London already has a related scheme. Passengers who have difficulty standing on public transport can wear a blue badge with the legend “Please offer me a seat”, or carry a card with the same message.

Charities have urged for this scheme to be rolled out nationwide.

Transport for London’s blue badge scheme.