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AGSD-UK new registrations up by 26% in 2019.

Large year on year increase

During 2018 the association had 108 newly registered people. Many of these are newly diagnosed, whilst others might have had a GSD for years but had not found AGSD-UK.

Last year, 2019, our new registrations increased to 134. That’s a rise of 26%.

Why such an increase?

We think there are two possible reasons.

  • In January 2019 we launched the long awaited and wonderfully revamped website. 
  • During Spring 2019 the association did a huge promotion to all hospitals in the UK that might see someone with a GSD. This included all endocrine, neurology, rheumatology and gastroenterology departments.

Help raise awareness even more

Can you help further raise awareness of AGSD-UK? You could pass on information to other patients and make sure your own medical professionals are referring patients and families to our website.