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Amici! 101 Tips for Pompe now in Italian

Congratulations to Martina Moro who earned her degree in translation recently.

Now in three languages

Even better, her final project was translating ‘101 Tips for Living Well with Pompe Disease’ from English to Italian. This joins the German translation that was already available.

Martina and her partner, Federico de Paulis, live in Italy. They attended the International Pompe Association (IPA) meeting hosted by AGSD-UK in Nottingham in October 2017, and stayed on for the AGSD-UK conference too. In the process they made a lot of friends in the UK Pompe community.

A one year project

On that visit the booklet full of shared tips and helpful advice gathered by the Pompe Support Team impressed them.

“One year later! Same place, same book… but in a different language! There are no words to describe how much love and support I was surrounded by during this year’s work, how many people believed in me and supported me. This success is yours too! Thanks.”


Here in the UK, a free copy of the English edition is sent to every member of AGSD-UK with GSD2. Contact us if you have not had your copy. They are also available to order… and if you would like a copy in Italian we will connect you to Martina.

Italian GSD association website.

International Pompe Association website.