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New infographic helps celebrate International Pompe Day

There are few clear written resources explaining Pompe disease, but we are now very pleased to report that Amicus Therapeutics UK Ltd have released a new infographic just in time for International Pompe Day on Monday 15 April 2019.

Graphically illustrated

It is a leaflet that unfolds in to a display poster. With the help of strong graphics it simply describes both Infantile-onset and Late-onset Pompe disease. It will be especially useful for children to use to explain their condition at school.

Copies to be distributed

The AGSD-UK Specialist Care Advisor, Jane Lewthwaite, will send copies of the new leaflet to all members affected by Pompe in the next mailshot.


Visit the Amicus Therapeutics UK web site.

Visit the IPA web site for details of International Pompe Day.