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Our new CEO introduces himself.

Neil Bradbury, CEO, introduces himself

It is an immense pleasure to be appointed to the post of Chief Executive Officer of AGSD-UK, a new role for the charity. It’s my job to ensure that the charity grows and prospers and meets the objectives set out in our business plan.

As a charity our strength is our members and the unity across the different GSDs. We already provide practical support and information for people with GSD and their supporters as well as a campaigning approach to speaking up for the needs of people with GSDs. We also want to bring people together to ensure that the UK is a beacon for the best in diagnosis, treatment and research for GSDs. All of those things require new resources for us to fulfil the needs of people with GSDs.

My background

I come to AGSD-UK following twenty years in the charitable sector, initially working in funding but for the previous 11 years in being a chief executive of charities that have grown and prospered during my time there. In addition to that, I have been in charge of trouble shooting failing charities for a government investment fund, being a non executive board member of a multibillion pound NHS Trust, sat on the boards of a number of charities and was a cabinet member on a local authority.

All this gives me experience to help me spot the opportunities and run AGSD-UK effectively. In addition to the role of Chief Executive, I have also assumed the role of company secretary to the board of trustees.

Exciting times ahead

These are exciting times with scientific developments and there is so much more than can be done. My first priority has been listening to our members and working with them to provide more services, making AGSD-UK a more dynamic force in people’s lives.

We will be looking to get more funding to get more services for people and expand the number of gatherings and social occasions the charity holds.

If you have any thoughts, do get in touch.