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IamGSD offers McArdle “Second Wind” T-shirts.

T-shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies

IamGSD is offering white T-Shirts, and light grey Sweatshirts and Hoodies with a “Second Wind” message for those with GSD5, McArdle disease. They are all available in a wide range of unisex sizes.

Second Wind slogan and IamGSD branding

The Second Wind slogan features on the front, with IamGSD logo and web address on the back. Orders are placcd through a website which the manufacturer uses to support non-profit fundraisers, but in this case it is just to break even on a bulk order. 

Order now!

The closing date for orders is 23 March and shirts will be despatched approx. two weeks after that. The shirts are made in the US and there is a shipping charge for delivery to the UK. It is worth considering ordering two shirts as the shipping cost per shirt is then much lower. 

IamGSD logo on reverse of all shirts.

White for T-Shirts, light grey for Sweatshirts and Hoodies.