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Maggie Lilburn

Maggie Lilburn 1942-2020

The AGSD-UK was sad to learn of the death of Maggie Lilburn, on the 6th of June, following an illness of a few years.

Maggie was a State Registered Dietician, working at University College London Hospital. Many of our members will remember her and some may recall being involved in the cornstarch studies she was involved in. Indeed, some people may recognise the kitchen that is pictured, dedicated to her and in which they learnt new culinary skills.

Pioneer in metabolic dietetics

Below are a few words from Elaine Murphy, one of the consultants she worked with.

I am sad to let you know that Maggie Lilburn died on 6 June, following illness over the last few years.

Maggie was a pioneer in the field of metabolic dietetics from 1970 until her retirement in 2004, and she continued to participate in research until 2007. She will be remembered very fondly by many of us and her incredible dedication to patient care, particularly to pregnant women with PKU, was inspirational.

A number of years ago we dedicated our refurbished metabolic kitchen to Maggie (she was thrilled and loved the party!) – and I think it is really fitting that she will be remembered in this way.

Elaine Murphy