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International sales for the AGSD-UK recipe book

The wider world community of people with rare GSDs are resourceful and check out websites all over the world. So we were not totally surprised to receive an order from Saudi Arabia for our latest publication, our recipe book.

It is an important fundraiser for AGSD UK, please buy, buy, buy your copy too!

It is not a book filled with advice on which diet to choose. The purpose of the recipe book is to inspire cooks to try something new, not be afraid of testing something. It is aimed especially to encourage cooks to adapt and adjust recipes, to make them more suitable for their own condition and nutritional requirements. This is why each recipe has nutritional values added to help you select what is right for you.

It is filled with colourful images, simple recipes and brilliant ideas for people with, or without, a GSD. Give one to a friend or perhaps buy a copy for your work team to share? It helps raise awareness.

Our AGSD-UK 2019 Calendar sold well in the USA. We have also packaged up large quantities of booklets for Australian GSD organisations to pass on to their membership. Orders for our publications arrive from all over the world. The original “101 Tips for a good life with McArdle disease”, first produced by AGSD-UK, has gone on through Euromac to be produced in eight languages. McArdle clinicians around the English-speaking world give their patients the international English edition.

Order your copy of the recipe book.