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Did you know we have an interactive glossary?

Plain language is best, but…

Despite our best efforts to use plain language, it is often necessary to resort to medical or technical terms in this website. Words such as “hypoglycaemia” and “rhabdomyolysis” will crop up now and again.

Our own specialist glossary

To help out we have a glossary of medical terms which crop up in talking about the various glycogen storage diseases. Rather than just the dictionary definition, we can make our definitions relevant to GSD. You can access our glossary online. We have the terms segmented into Liver, Muscle and Pompe categories. Some terms appear in more than one category.
Go to our online glossary.

Interactive definitions on the page

You may have noticed that certain words and terms are underlined with a dotted line. This indicates that the item is defined in our glossary. If you hover your cursor over the underlined item you will see that a pop up window appears giving you the definition of the item.

This is obviously a much quicker way to get the definition then going to the glossary. Have a look again at the terms quoted in the first paragraph, note the dotted underline and try the popup definition.

More words to add?

If there are more words which you would like us to add to the glossary, please contact us via the “Message us” page.