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IamGSD’s Global Walking Week starts 20 May

IamGSD’s annual Global Walking Week starts on Monday 20 May, ends Sunday 26 May. It is vety easy to get involved, support muscle GSDs, and do some good for yourself at the same time!

Motivation to get moving

While the primary feature of McArdle disease (and most of the other muscle GSDs) is “activity intolerance”… the most effective treatment option is regular physical activity.  However, due to a lack of available information and informed clinicians, many patients around the world continue to regard physical activity as a trigger for symptoms occurrence, rather than a safe and effective treatment option.

Walk right where you are

So… to raise awareness of the importance of engaging in regular physical activity (150 minutes/week), every year IamGSD organises this week-long walking event. It is not a competitive challenge against one another, but rather a motivation to get moving in your locality – whether it be just a few steps, a few blocks, or a few miles each day.

The participants then share the daily distances on social media and IamGSD adds up the grand total.

Join the Global Walking Week

There is the option to sign up for sponsorship and and raise some money to help IamGSD’s global efforts for muscle GSDs.

Visit the Global Walking Week page on the IamGSD web site.