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BMJ journal publishes education and practice notes on CK.

The BMJ journal “Archives of Disease in Childhood” is published in cooperation with Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health.

Role of Creatine Kinase in diagnosis

This June 2019 paper, from a paediatric neurology team in Belfast, shines a very useful spotlight on Creatine Kinase (CK), including its role in assisting with the identification of cases of muscle GSD in children. This paper could well assist with reducing the typical delay from first presentation to correct diagnosis.

CK is a useful tool for assessment of muscular weakness and pain in children despite the advent of advanced diagnostic tests. It is also useful in diagnosing and monitoring various other conditions.

Help in decision making

The article explores the physiology of CK and clinical situations where CK tests can help the clinician’s decision-making process for both diagnosis and management of these conditions. There is a very useful flowchart to assist with diagnosing the cause of high CK levels.

Clinical scenarios

Some clinical scenarios are used to highlight how the tests can be used in different clinical situations. These include an example of possible McArdle disease.

Read the abstract here.