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Dr Clive Tonks, ex-committee member of AGSD-UK.

Dr Clive Tonks lived positively with his diagnosis of GSD2, Pompe disease, until he passed away on 15th November 2019 in his mid-eighties.

Fondly remembered

He is very fondly remembered and contributed greatly to AGSD-UK during some of the most formative years, around the turn of the century. He was a Trustee, committee member and secretary in the years before the association became incorporated. His medical background and work as a psychiatrist meant that he brought special and much needed skills at that time.

Current trustee Ailsa Arthur said:

“I met Clive at several events and conferences and remember him as someone with a sharp intellect and great understanding”. 

Charity co-founder Sue Del Mar said:

“Clive was a very dedicated member of AGSD-UK. He was a valuable contributor to our meetings to which he brought a degree of insight and sensitivity. He also attended many conferences and his calm and steadfast manner was a considerable source of comfort to many of those with the same disorder.”

Clive Tonks at a committee meeting in 2001, with Sue Del Mar, one of the co-founders.