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Christmas lights – by Irene and Frank Green.

Festive lights every year

Frank and Irene Green from Hale in Altrincham have family affected by GSD. For years they have decorated the front of their home with festive lights every Christmas, adding more and more each year over time. This year they have again been fundraising for AGSD-UK and have received some lovely letters of support.

Lovely local support

Frank said:

I thought that I would give you an update on our collection. If you include the money we took selling the books during lockdown we have already taken over half of the total we collected last year which is fantastic.
I thought I would give you a flavour of what is happening this year. Yesterday a lady handed us an envelope which contained £8.50 of which £5 was from her and £3.50 from her children’s pocket money, they are 8 and 4. Then last night a card was posted through the letter box and this contained a £5 note and message. This morning another card was posted and this also contained a £5 note and message. This is really great and makes all our efforts worthwhile.

To date they have raised £503, which is already more than last years total!

So thank you once again to Frank and Irene. Have a wonderful Christmas.