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Cori disease (GSD3)

Diagnosis & Follow up

For most people with GSD3 diagnosis will come early in life. The challenges tend to become a bit less as they grow up.

GSD3 emergency care data sheets

Helpful data sheets to print out and keep to hand for an emergency.

The British Inherited Metabolic Disease Group (BIMDG) is a group of medical professionals who work to improve the standards of care and delivery of that care to people affected by metabolic disorders. The BIMDG has produced a series of guidelines on the emergency care of patients with various metabolic conditions.

GSD3 is one of the conditions covered. It is a good idea to download these and have them ready for any possible future emergency.

Go the BIMDG web site from the link below. Look for “Emergency Guides” in red, scroll down and answer the anti-robot question, choose Adult or Children, type in the search criteria “glycogen” and scroll down to “Glycogen Storage Disease Type III”. Download the sheets you need.

Our thanks go to BIMDG.

Go to the BIMDG web site, emergency guidelines section.