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It’s not fake news!

The AGSD-UK web site is the primary source of information for people living with GSD in the UK.

We know this website matters because 58% of people who answered our 2018 survey said that the AGSD-UK web site is their main source of information about GSD. In fact, it came TOP of a list of ten possible options for places to find information. ‘Medical professionals’* came second and ‘general internet research’ came third.

It is very good to know that our web site is important and valued. Now it has been revamped and redeveloped, we hope you like it.

How could you help? Well, email some feedback on it to our webmaster. Suggestions and corrections? Yes, we would like those as well please.

* Although we really value the fact that everyone is relying on the AGSD-UK web site, we do not give medical advice, so always make sure you speak to your own medical professional about health issues. If you don’t have one, then contact us and we will help you to access the NHS department most suitable for your needs and location.