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The McArdle Disease Handbook


A guide to the scientific and medical research into McArdle Disease explained in layman’s terms. It covers the cause, method of inheritance, history, and current and future treatments of the disease.

Kathryn Birch PhD
Version 1.1.1a 2017
208 pages, 230x152mm, paperback.

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The handbook puts into plain English the published information about McArdle Disease which is normally written in technical language as it is aimed at medical or scientific professionals. Some sections are necessarily still rather technical, but in general the handbook should be understandable to people without any medical or scientific training. It is fully referenced to the source publications.

Each chapter has an introduction which summarises the coming pages as simply as possible. Then more detail is given in the main text, using slightly more technical language.

The Handbook has chapters on:

  • Symptoms and diagnosis
  • Genetics
  • Exercise, muscle contractions and cramps
  • Muscle damage, raised CK, myoglobinuria
  • Sources of energy in muscle cells
  • Dietary supplements
  • The effect of age on symptoms
  • Differences in severity of symtoms
  • Mental and emotional aspects
  • Sexual activity, pregnancy and birth
  • Factors which may be a greater risk for McArdle people
  • Possible increased risk of other diseases
  • McArdle specialists and family doctors
  • Models of McArdle’s to test future treatments
  • Potential therapies
  • How to use the Handbook.
  • Glossary; list of references and index.

More Details

On-line version The Handbook is available for searching and viewing on Google Books, free of charge. Obviously it is much less convenient than having a printed copy but it does mean that anyone with web access can look up a subject they are interested in and read the relevant pages/s. Go to Google Books and search for “McArdle Disease Handbook”. You can then use the search box, or the drop down contents list near the top right of the page. PDF version A PDF copy can be made available for your personal use only in return for a donation, guideline £5. Please contact the GSD5 Co-ordinator via the ‘Contact Us’ page. Other languages German and Italian editions are available from their respective GSD support groups.


"The Handbook is the best thing to happen for all McArdle sufferers since their diagnoses. It is an impartial review that everyone should read." – Ian MacDougall, B.Sc.(Pharm), Canada
"Researching McArdle's online, people's experiences are eye-opening, but after a while they become repetitive or contradictory. Medical information is either anecdotal or unintelligibly scientific. You read about a possible treatment and then find it was abandoned years ago. The Handbook pulls all this together, filters out the irrelevant, repetitious and out of date, then presents it in an understandable form." – McArdle patient, London

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