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McArdle Disease Medical Overview

McArdle Disease Medical Overview


This booklet is available for patients and their doctors. We issue two copies to all UK McArdle people so that they may give one to their GP and retain one.

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The booklet is based on the experiences of people with McArdle’s and the issues that can arise in primary care, hospital visits and seeing other consultants. It offers referenced information to assist medical staff in looking after people with McArdle’s. It is a quick guide to McArdle’s, and is focussed on primary care issues with pages on Creatine Kinase levels and emergency visits to hospital with rhabdomyolysis. It addresses all the common misconceptions, confusions and mistakes. The intention is that GP should hold a copy as should the McArdle person to use whenever they are in a medical consultation.

Whilst this is aimed at a UK audience, the content will be very helpful to people with McArdle’s in other countries. A PDF copy of the booklet may be downloaded free of charge.